Take back control of your machinery

Until now, you have relied on multiple diagnostic tools and sensors in order to gain full insight into the reliability of your rotating equipment. This process makes it difficult to anticipate machine health issues and address them quickly. Acoem understands your need to take control of your machinery and to be able to share information with relevant team members. This app-based ecosystem is a customisable solution that simplifies the process and provides you with all the relevant information you need to proactively identify maintenance requirements and make smarter, more confident collective decisions.


Pre alignment, alignment, auto diagnostics, thermography
Acoem patented, icon-driven and color-coded interface making field actions simple
Instant machinery diagnostics for most common rotating assets
Enhanced connectivity and ease of use with our WiFi and Bluetooth sensors
Built in PDF generation for instant sharing from the mobile device
Informed decision always at a fingertip

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Simplify your decision making process

. Manage all of your machines in one place
. Shorten the time between decision and action that can improve your plant performance
. Easily get remote support from remote Acoem Advisors whenever you need it
. 24/7 access to actionable data

A new environment of possibilities with an app based ecosystem

  • Accessible via any enabled device (tablet, smart phone or device)
  • Upgradable, customisable & scalable based on your needs
  • Total control over your machinery’s proactive maintenance & monitoring
  • Links vibration & alignment data to optimize maintenance process
  • Instant access to real-time-data
  • Share information instantaneously among your teams
  • Make timely and informed maintenance decisions
  • Integrated camera allows immediate image transmission
  • Maintenance reporting made easy
  • Always connected
  • Intuitive & user-friendly interface

Simple, user-friendly dashboard

The easily accessible interface provides designated users with accurate data regarding your rotating equipment’s diagnostics, alerting users to potential malfunctions and operational issues. It also raises alarms and provides precise information to help your mechanics make the right maintenance decisions and take immediate action.

Benefits of the Augmented Mechanics ecosystem

  • Access equipment insights anytime, anywhere
  • Always connected
  • Collect vital data on machine health & performance
  • Apps, tools & hardware are easy-to-use & self-guided
  • Simple product-training videos
  • Set & forget – diagnostics are automatic
  • Run diagnostic tests quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Technical support helps your team focus on more important tasks.

Empowered by Acoem technology

GuideU™ Intuitive Interface

GuideU™ is the next generation alignment 3D graphical user interface – our patented, customizable, icon-driven and color-coded display system makes measuring, aligning, documenting and reporting on each job simple.

Accurex™ Automatic Machine Diagnosis

Embedding Acoem 50 years of expertise in vibration analysis, Accurex™ patented AI solution provides instant results for the detection of the most common defects such as unbalance, misalignment, resonnance, bearing defects, gear defects, and more.

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